Tri-City Charity Pays It Forward After Gift from Advanced Oral Specialty Group

Dr Meltzer Team
Tre-State K-9 Crisis Response Teams holding their Gifted AnimalEO Essential Oils Kits with “Dr. Liz” Severino (red shirt) Sunday, July 24, 2016 Cherry Hill, NJ

This week Dr. Meltzer and the Advanced Oral Specialty Group team received a heart-warming letter from a current patient. In the past, Dr. Meltzer performed a pro bono dental procedure for Ms. Liz Severino.

Ms. Severino repaid Dr. Meltzer and his act of charity by paying it forward. She decided to support the Tri-State K-9 Crisis Response Team, a non-profit organization dedicated to the training of service and crisis response dogs.

The letter reads as follows:

Dr. Meltzer,

A while ago you Gifted me a$750 procedure. Feeling the energy of your Gift, I said “Thank you” to you and knew I would be Paying It Forward.

Recently, an opportunity that to me felt perfectly unfolded. I joined with two of my friends to purchase $1,400 worth of essential oils kits to Gift to the Tri-State K-9 Response Team for their dogs. Members are pictured above holding their kits, which your kindness to me helped purchase.

I taught them how to energetically help their dogs before, during, and after deployment first without and then with natural aids. Specifically: “What to do when your dog is in trouble and all you have with you is your hands, breath, and your open heart” (energy work); and “What to do when your dog is in trouble or potentially about to be in trouble and you have natural aids available” (essential oils). The class was extremely well received by dogs and persons alike. They all…dogs and their persons…really needed the help and were very grateful, especially the Teams who had just returned from Orlando. Thought you’d like to know.

All the best always,

/s/ Liz Severino

Dr. Meltzer and the Team at Advanced Oral Specialty Group truly appreciates the kind words and appreciation. Each day and with every patient we strive to provide superior quality service.

We know that a simple dental implant procedure, bone augmentation, or sinus augmentation can change a person’s life and cause them to Pay It Forward. Thank you, Liz!

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